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Luana’s country, the legend of an enchanted land from Romania

The Land of Luana is a mythical land considered to be in the Buzăului Mountains in Romania. Here are several legends that tell us that this land is enchanted, some tell us about King Luana, some about a beautiful girl named Luana, about God's Gate and some about giants who lived in the past. Various strange and mysterious phenomena and events have also taken place here.

What is Luana’s Country?

Luana’s country is a mythical place located in Romania, in the Buzau Mountains, between Colti, Alunis, Nucu, and Buzioru.

Legends and Myths in Luana’s Country

King Luana

Legend has it that in ancient times, in the Buzau Mountains, an old and wise king, Luana, ruled a high fortress reaching the sky. Above the fortress, the sun shone all the time, day and night.


The defenders of the fortress were brave and fought only for justice, and the king healed their wounds with the enchanted waters of the Valley of Springs.

The enemies, impelled by hatred, came and demolished Luana’s Sun, the Earth shook from the joints, and there was nothing left in the fortress.

Luana, a beautiful girl

Another legend says that Luana was a very beautiful girl who had fallen from the sky and had fallen in love with a local. She taught the locals medicine, writing, and digging their cells where they could hide.


Gate of God in Luana’s country

Some say that in this realm, is the Gate of God.

Gate of God

Mysterious disappearances

it is said that mysterious disappearances of people took place in this area. The locals say that there are Gods who defend the treasures hidden long ago in these mountains and those who get too close to the treasures disappear in the fog and appear (or not) elsewhere.

It is also said that above this area the sky has a different shade from other places and also it is told about the blue fog that can affect people and other living beings.

Tourist destinations in Luana Country

Amber Museum in Colti

In the village of Aluniș, located 3 km northeast of Colți, you reach a picturesque road that winds along the Aluniș Valley and passes under Piatra Corbului and Moțoca and past the former amber mines.

The Amber Museum in Colti comprises a collection of amber unique in the world, due to its texture, variety, and colors. Colti Museum is housed in a 2-story house with rural architecture specific to the area.

The church carved in stone, Alunis, Buzau

The Church carved in stone (Athos of Romania) from Alunis village, Buzau county, is more than 700 years old and is one of the mystical caves carved in stone. The cave churches and settlements of Buzau are surrounded by legends and myths and have become a famous place for paranormal and esoteric fans.

Alunis cave complex consists of the church, two cells dug into the rock, and another 5 undated (3 Unfinished), one covered by rocks and another one on the hill for guarding.

Turtudui Peak

Legend says that the Turtudui Peak is a megalithic pyramid made by giant people who lived here a long time ago. It is said that this 300-meter-tall pyramid in Romania dates back 24,000 years and hides ancient treasures.

Turtudui Peak, Romania
View of Turtudui from Paltinul Dam in Doftana