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The Terrifying Secret behind the Cathedral: The Devil’s Pact for Kolner Dom

The Pact with the Devil Koln
Unraveling an ancient legend: The Cologne Cathedral and the beginnings of construction reveal a daring pact between the architect and the Devil. The cleverness of a woman makes the Devil lose the pact and implicitly the souls of the people and curse the construction of this great Cathedral. The echoes of this diabolical pact can still be heard today among the stones of the cathedral and the construction remains unfinished, perhaps to avoid the end of the world.

The Architect

Legend has it that the architect Gerhard of Ryle made a pact with the devil to build the Kolner Dom (Cologne Cathedral).

The architect was asked to build an unprecedented cathedral and he made all sorts of sketches and began to build the cathedral. But all sorts of obstacles prevented him from raising it.

The Pact with the Devil

One day the architect sat on a rock by a river called the Devil‘s Stone. When he woke up a stranger was standing next to him drawing something on the sand with a stick. He was amazed to see the sketch of a cathedral drawn on sand. The architect asked the stranger, who was in fact the devil, what he wants in exchange for the plans of the cathedral and the stranger replied that he wants his soul, his wife’s soul, and their son’s soul if he would finish the cathedral in 3 years. “If the building is not ready until the rooster crows on the day they turn 3, you can keep your soul.
The architect, thinking that the cathedral was too big and grandiose to be built in 3 years, accepted the fair.
Work on the Devil’s Cathedral has begun and step by step the cathedral rises grandly in the middle of the city.

The Wife

The architect’s wife found out about the pact her husband had done with the devil and began to think about how to fool the devil.
One day, in the square, he saw a child imitating the rooster’s song, and every time he made the sound, roosters could be heard answering him. The idea immediately came to her of how to make her husband win the pact with the devil.

After 3 years, at night, while the Kolner Dom workers were preparing to finish and the devil was preparing to claim the architect’s family’s souls that morning, the architect’s wife woke up at night and began to mimic the sound of the rooster long before the sunrise. Roosters from all over the town heard his sound and began to respond. Only after the last stone was placed.

The End of the World

This way, the devil lost the pact and destroyed the Kolner Dom. Also, he cursed the place, and anyone who wanted to build a cathedral there would never finish it. If someone will manage to finish the construction the end of the world is to come.

Probably because of this nobody has the courage to lay the last stone and the Kolner Dom is under continuous construction.

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