About Me

Rothenburg ob der Tauber - fairy tales and Christmas. About me

My life is a travel story!

My name is Cătălina and I am passionate about travel, mysteries, legends and archaeology.

Emotions are what make our lives wonderful and holidays are the best way to experience various emotions.

Paris joy

Life is short and it is our duty to ourselves to be happy every day. Each of us can create joy for another person and happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy every day!

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Through my travel blog, holidayandtrips.com, I want share my experiences and emotion and inspire you to choose the most beautiful places to travel and the most interesting tourist attractions to visit.


Find the perfect trip for you

Visit the Colosseum or Porto Katsiki Beach, the infinite blue monastery, Voronet, in Romania, or the Louvre Museum in Paris, Egypt, or Asia.

Archeology, history, and legends

Walking in a city full of history gives you an incredible feeling and makes you go on a time trip.

A holiday on a sandy beach is not only about relaxation or sunbathes but also about the history of that land, the villages around that beach, the beautiful landscape, making snorkeling to see the sea life, or meeting wonderful people that can tell you about old legends.

Visiting a museum is about discovering the past of a civilization or a life of an artist, the joy of finding an object from ancient times, reading about lives that you will never live, without fire or without the comfort of modern technology, and lives of simple people that actually build our world.

Delicious food and traditional fairs

Looking for an excellent place to eat is about the desire to taste a traditional dish, smell the local spices, participate in family cooking, about a coffee enjoyed during sunrise, or participate in a traditional fair with local products.