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Rothenburg ob der Tauber - fairy tales and Christmas


My travel and holiday blog is about archeological sites, amazing cities all over the globe, sandy beaches with turquoise waters, and warm people. The attractions are grouped by age category or countries.

Visiting an archeological site is about projecting yourself in the ancient times, when that place was build and understanding the life that people that inhabited that place had.

Walking in a city full of history gives you a great feeling and makes you go on a time trip.

A holiday on a sandy beach is not only about relaxation or sunbathes but also about the history of that land, villages around that beach, a beautiful landscape, making snorkeling to see the sea life, or meet wonderful people that can tell you about old legends.

Looking for a good place to eat is also about tasting traditional meals, the smell of local spices, family cooking, relaxing, and drinking a good coffee surrounded by friendly people.

Visiting a museum is about discovering the past of a civilization or a life of an artist, joy of finding an object from ancient times, reading about lives that you will never live, without fire or without the comfort of modern technology, lives of simple people that actually build our world.

Come with me to a trip from Colosseum to Porto Katsiki Beach, from an old monastery in Romania to Louvre Museum in Paris, from Egypt to Asia and so on, all over the world.