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Sacre-Coeur – Sacred Heart of Paris

Legend has it that Montmarte Hill has been a place of worship since ancient times. It is said that the Druids of ancient Gaul worshiped here, the Romans built...

New Year

Over 2,000 years ago, in 46 B.C, Caesar declared January 1st as the first day of the calendar and the date on which the New Year would be celebrated.

Berca Mud Volcanoes, Romania

The muddy volcanoes of Berca, Romania are surrounded by an arid and salty landscape, similar to the lunar landscape.

The myth of the Minotaur

The myth of the Minotaur says that Theseus fought the minotaur, a fantastic being, half-man, half-bull. The minotaur was held captive in a maze in the great...