3300BC-1200BC-Bronze Age Africa Egypt

Luxor Temple – The Spectacular Religious Center in Ancient Egypt

October 26, 2020
The Luxor Temple is located on the west bank of the Nile River and was built by famous pharaohs of Egypt (Amenhotep III, Tutankhamun, Horemheb, Rameses II) who built various parts of it but also by the great conqueror Alexander the Great and by the Romans. Each has left their mark on this Temple and gave the spectacular aspect that impresses us today.
1200BC-500BC-Iron Age Africa Egypt

Abu Simbel – The Magnificent Ancient Temple of Ramses II

October 18, 2020
3000 years ago, Ramses II, the most famous Pharaoh of Egypt, decided to build a magnificent Temple. And not only did he build a grand temple for himself, but he also built one for his beloved wife, Nefertari. Here in Abu Simbel is one of the few temples where the wife is depicted at the same level with her husband, Pharaoh.
3300BC-1200BC-Bronze Age France

Luxor Obelisk – Place de la Concorde, Paris

August 15, 2020
The Luxor Obelisk is was originally one of the two obelisks that were positioned outside the Amon temple in Luxor, Egypt. The obelisk is covered in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.
400AD-1400AD-Middle Ages 500BC-400AD-Ancient times Asia India

Ajanta Caves – 30 Buddhist rock-cut temples and monasteries

June 8, 2020
Frescoes, elaborately carved façades, intricate rock carvings. Come to India and visit Ajanta Caves, the finest examples of early Buddhist civilization build starting with 2nd century BC.
400AD-1400AD-Middle Ages Asia Best of India

Kailasa temple, Cave 16 of Ellora

June 3, 2020
Kailasa temple of Ellora is one of the most mysterious temples in the world. The date of construction is unknown and this incredible temple is a megalith carved from a single rock.