The church carved in stone, Buzau county, Alunis village
400AD-1400AD-Middle Ages Europe Romania

The church carved in stone, Alunis, Buzau | Athos of Romania

March 14, 2020

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TypeChurch, Religious
From Buzau take DN10 to Patarlagele
Turn right onto Strada Ion Creanga/DC68
Turn left onto DC69
Turn right to stay on DC69
Continue straight onto DC71 to Colti
Any time (summer is recommended)
Free Entry
the Road
Difficult road. You can reach this village either coming from Buzau (75 km) either coming from Brasov (110 km).
County Road
paved road
It can be difficult to reach by car in this place.
ImportantYou may lose your phone signal. Make sure you print the map and all the instructions before reaching this place.
You will not find any flyers with tourist information. Also, no souvenir shop with authentic items or typical magnets or key chains.
LocationAlunis, Buzau, Romania
75 km from Buzau
150 Km from Bucharest
110 km from Brasov

Luana’s country and The church carved in stone

Luana’s country is a mythical place located in Buzau Mountains, between Colti, Alunis, Nucu, and Buzioru.

Legend has it that in ancient times, in the Buzau Mountains, an old and wise king, Luana, ruled high fortress reaching the sky. The defenders of the fortress were brave who fought only for justice, and the king healed their wounds with the enchanted waters of the Valley of Springs. The enemies, impelled by hatred, came to the fire and demolished Luana’s Sun, the Earth shook from the joints, and there was nothing left in the fortress.

Another legend says that Luana was a very beautiful girl who had fallen from the sky and had fallen in love with a local. She taught the locals medicine, writing, and digging their cells where they could hide.

Athos of Romania

The Church carved in stone (Athos of Romania) from Alunis village, Buzau county, is more than 700 years old and is one of the mystical caves carved in stone. The cave churches and settlements of Buzau are surrounded by legends and myths and have become a famous place for paranormal and esoteric fans.

Alunis cave complex consists of the church, two cells dug into the rock, and another 5 undated (3 Unfinished), one covered by rocks and another one on the hill for guarding.

Dacians, aliens, pyramids, energy or magnetic centers, magic?

Some local researchers even claim the some of these sites have served as Dacian sanctuaries.

Legend has it that the Church carved in stone was dug into the rock by two shepherds, Vlad and Simion, who kept their sheep to these places. It is said that one of the shepherds heard during his sleep a voice urging him to dig into the rock because he will find the icon of the Virgin Mary. Faithful man, the shepherd did just that and found the icon. This fact caused him to dig the church room, together with the other shepherd, and with the help of the villagers.

The legends and the stories don’t end here. There are others about aliens, pyramids, energy or magnetic centers, magic, and evil forces.

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Meledic Lake – a perfect lake with a sealed bottom in Buzau, Romania

Meledic Lake – a perfect lake with a sealed bottom in Buzau, Romania

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Meledic Lake – Legend has it that in the 1800s, a cart full of mineral water barrels crashed into the lake. Rumors began to appear soon that a treasure was actually hidden in the barrels. So the locals and the authorities decided to take the water out of the lake to find the barrels. In vain they tried to dry the lake, they failed. Since then they have called it the Bottomless Lake.
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