Howling Waterfall Vama Buzaului
Legends, myths and fairy tales

The fascinating legends of the Howling Waterfall (Urlatoarea) in the Ciucas Mountains

The Howling Waterfall in Ciucaș was, according to a legend, the place where witches with extraordinary magical powers gathered on full moon nights. But the locals also tell about another legend, that of true love and the dragon. In this legend, the The Howling Waterfall became the witness of an epic love story between the beautiful Mărioara and the brave young Andrei.

The Legend of the Witches

A long time ago, near the Howling Waterfall (Urlatoarea) in the Ciucas Mountains, there lived witches with extraordinary powers. These witches were known throughout the region for their magical abilities, but also for using the waterfall to strengthen their powers.

Legend has it that these witches gathered at the waterfall every full moon night. There, they chanted incantations and made offerings to nature to preserve their youth and magical powers. The Howling Waterfall was seen as a source of energy and spiritual power.

On a full moon night, a brave and curious young man learned of the existence of these witches and decided to spy on them to see what they were up to. Hiding near the waterfall, he witnessed their magical ritual, fascinated by what he saw.

As he watched the witches dancing around the waterfall, the young man made an accidental noise, revealing his presence. The witches suddenly stopped and discovered him. Angry that he disturbed their ritual, the witches decided to punish him.

With their magical power, they turned the young man into a tree near the waterfall. Legend has it that that tree is still there and that on full moon nights, you can hear the sighs of the young man, and the water of the Howling Waterfall seems to grow even stronger and more enchanting.

This legend contributes to the mystery and aura of magic that surrounds the Howling Waterfall in the Ciucaș Mountains and has become an important part of local folklore.

The legend of true love

Legend has it that in ancient times, a beautiful young woman named Mărioara lived near the Howling Waterfall (Urlatoarea). She was loved by all the young men of the village for her beauty and for her charming voice, which had the power to bring peace and joy to the hearts of those who heard it.

A boy named Andrei was in love with Mărioara. He used to come every day to the Howling waterfall to hear her sing. However, the beautiful Mărioara did not die his love. She dreamed of a fairytale love, a love that was as strong as the force of the flowing waterfall.

One day, Andrei learned that a fierce dragon threatened to destroy the entire village and take over it. Andrei decided to engage in a fight to save the village and prove his love for Mărioara.

He went to the Howling waterfall asking for strength and courage to face the dragon. He then set off in search of the dragon and fought it in an epic battle that lasted for days. In the end, Andrei managed to defeat the dragon and save the village.

When she returned to Howling Waterfall (Urlatoarea), Mărioara realized that Andrei had shown true love and courage for her and for their village. She accepted his love, and at that moment, the heavens opened and the waterfall began to flow with a sound more powerful and beautiful than ever before. Thus, the Howling Waterfall (Urlatoarea) became a symbol of pure love and courage, and the legend was passed down from generation to generation in the Ciucaș Mountains.

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