Turtudui Peak, Romania
2 mil BP-3300BC-Stone Age Europe Romania

Turtudui peak – The Mystery of Buzau’s Ancient Pyramid

March 27, 2020
TypeMountain Peak, Natural
Getting there75 km from Buzau
150 Km from Bucharest
110 km from Brasov
the Road
By Car, till you reach Colti
By foot (10 hours) from Colti
Any time (summer is recommended)
Free Entry
ImportantYou may lose the phone signal. Make sure you print the map and all the instructions before reaching this place.
You will not find any flyers with tourist information. Also, no souvenir shop with authentic items or typical magnets or key chains.
LocationBraesti, Buzau, Romania, Europe

Luana’s country legends

Luana’s country is a mythical place located in Buzau Mountains, between Colti, Alunis, Nucu, and Buzioru.

Legend has it that in ancient times, in the Buzau Mountains, an old and wise king, Luana, ruled high fortress reaching the sky. The defenders of the fortress were brave who fought only for justice, and the king healed their wounds with the enchanted waters of the Valley of Springs. The enemies, impelled by hatred, came to the fire and demolished Luana’s Sun, the Earth shook from the joints, and there was nothing left in the fortress.

Another legend says that Luana was a very beautiful girl who had fallen from the sky and had fallen in love with a local. She taught the locals medicine, writing, and digging their cells where they could hide.

Turtudui Peak – a megalithic pyramid or an obelisk?

Legend says that the Turtudui peak is actually a megalithic pyramid made by giant people that lived here a long time ago. It is said that this 300-meters-tall pyramid in Romania is dating back 24 000 years and hides ancient treasures.

The stones on the top seem to be made by the human hand and carefully placed one on top of the other and there are inscriptions on some of the stones.

It is also said that on the top of the pyramid was once an obelisk that was actually a portal to another universe. The obelisk was destroyed either by the forces of nature either was dynamited by the communists.

Turtudui peak can be admired from far away from the Paltinul Dam in Doftana.