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Varatec Monastery, Romania

Varatec Monastery Romania
Varatec Monastery is the largest nunnery in Romania. Veronica Micle retired there after the death of her lover, Mihai Eminescu, Romania's greatest poet. Her grave is in the monastery cemetery.

Tourist Information

TypeMonastery, Religion
Constructed byPriest Iosif and Mother Olimpiada
Official Websitehttps://varatic.mmb.ro/
Opening HoursThe monastery is generally open to visitors from morning until evening, but specific hours can vary, so it’s best to check in advance.
Accommodation and AmenitiesThe monastery may offer limited accommodations for pilgrims.
There are small restaurants and cafes in the nearby villages where visitors can enjoy local cuisine.
LocationVaratec, Neamt County, Romania, Europe


Why is Varatec Monastery famous?

Varatec is the largest nunnery in Romania, currently having about 400 nuns. The monastery is set in a picturesque landscape with lush forests, hills, and streams, offering a peaceful and serene environment.

The monastery was founded by Mother Olimpiada, with the support of the scholar and Metropolitan Veniamin Costachi.

Varatec Monastery is significant as a center of spiritual life and Romanian Orthodoxy. It has been a place of worship and monastic life for over two centuries.

Varatec Monastery Romania

What will you find inside Varatec Museum?

The monastery museum is of great interest to visitors, which preserves a valuable cultural-artistic and historical heritage, consisting of many authentic deeds, deeds of donation and reinforcement, gold and silver cult objects, old icons, embroidery, rugs, and priestly vestments.

What are the main architectural features of Varatec Monastery?

The monastery combines Byzantine and traditional Romanian architectural styles, with a beautiful church, bell tower, and traditional wooden buildings.

Unique elements include intricate wood carvings, frescoes, and icons adorn the church and other structures. The bell tower is also notable for its distinctive design.

Did any famous writers or poets visit or stay at the monastery?

The famous Romanian poet Veronica Micle spent her last years at Varatec Monastery and is buried here.

Veronica Micle, a significant figure in Romanian literature, is closely associated with the monastery.

Veronica Micle Tomb Varatec
Veronica Micle Tomb

Veronica Micle moved to Varatec Monastery after the death of her beloved, Mihai Eminescu, who is considered one of Romania’s greatest poets. She lived there until she died in 1889 and is buried in the monastery’s cemetery.

Is there a gift shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs?

There is a small shop where visitors can buy religious items, books, and souvenirs.

What can you find in the Varatec Monastery Museum?

Of great interest is the monastery museum, which preserves a valuable cultural-artistic and historical heritage, consisting of a large number of authentic objects, cult objects made of gold and silver, old icons, embroideries, carpets, and priestly vestments.

What mysterious legends does Varatec Monastery have?

Explore the spiritual and enigmatic allure of the Varatec Monastery, where the ghost of Veronica Micle haunts, a hidden tunnel hides secrets, a miraculous icon offers healing, the bell tower rings with legend and an unfinished book offers mystical insights.

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