3300BC-1200BC-Bronze Age

Tourist attractions from Bronze Age 3300 BC– 1200 BC

Step Pyramid of Djoser_Sakkara_Egypt

Step Pyramid of Djoser, Sakkara

The Step Pyramid of Djoser is the oldest pyramid in Egypt. 4,700 years ago, Pharaoh Djoser dreamed to build his tomb in a completely new way so Imhotep, the royal architect, fulfills his dream and...

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Law Code of Hammurabi

Law Code of Hammurabi is the longest surviving text from Old Babylon and is often considered the first written economic formula.

Great Sphinx of Tanis

The Great Sphinx of Tanis is one of the masterpieces at the Louvre Museum in Paris. The Egyptian word for a sphinx was Shesep-Ankh, or “Living Image”, a...