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Aluniș Cave Church: Discover the astonishing story of the ‘Athos of Romania’ in the heart of Buzău!

Aluniș Cave Church, Buzau
Aluniș Cave Church
The heart of Buzau county hides a unique treasure in its landscape - the Aluniș Cave Church. Loaded with charm and mystery, this wonderful stone-carved settlement is said to be over 700 years old! Affectionately referred to as the 'Athos of Romania', this architectural jewel represents a true masterpiece of spirituality.

Tourist Information

TypeCave Church, Religious Site
75 km from Buzau
150 Km from Bucharest
110 km from Brasov
From Buzau take DN10 to Patarlagele
Turn right onto Strada Ion Creanga/DC68
Turn left onto DC69
Turn right to stay on DC69
Continue straight onto DC71 to Colti
Any time (summer is recommended)
Free Entry
the Road
Difficult road. You can reach this village either coming from Buzau (75 km) either coming from Brasov (110 km).
County Road
paved road
It can be difficult to reach by car in this place.
ImportantYou may lose your phone signal. Make sure you print the map and all the instructions before reaching this place.
You will not find any flyers with tourist information. Also, no souvenir shop with authentic items or typical magnets or key chains.
LocationAlunis, Buzau, Romania, Europe


The cave settlements in Buzău, mystical sanctuaries

Once you step into this ancient world, you are carried by the wind of myths and legends that surround the churches and cave settlements in Buzau. With every step among the sacred ruins, you will feel attracted by a magnet of mysticism and esotericism. The fame of these paranormal places of interest has grown among enthusiasts in search of wisdom and enigmas.

Admire the stone-carved details that reflect the passage of time and the mysterious symbols embedded in the walls of these mystical sanctuaries. You will be captivated by their long story and their power to project a magical atmosphere. Each stone holds a memory from the past and invites you to discover deeply buried secrets.

If you are an adventure seeker and want to enter a universe full of mysteries and spiritual discoveries, the Aluniș Cave Church is the perfect destination. Look through the eyes of faith and curiosity, and this realm will offer you a fascinating journey into the past, where myths become reality and esotericism vibrates around you.

Athos of Romania

The Aluniș Cave Church in Buzau (Athos of Romania) is more than 700 years old and is one of the mystical caves carved in stone. The cave churches and settlements of Buzau are surrounded by legends and myths and have become a famous place for paranormal and esoteric fans.

Alunis cave complex consists of the church, two cells dug into the rock, and another 5 undated (3 Unfinished), one covered by rocks and another one on the hill for guarding.

Dacians, aliens, pyramids, energy or magnetic centers, magic?

According to the locals and some researchers, certain sites are believed to have functioned as sanctuaries for the Dacians.

Legend has it that the Aluniș Cave Church was dug into the rock by two shepherds, Vlad and Simion, who kept their sheep in these places. It is said that one of the shepherds heard during his sleep a voice urging him to dig into the rock because he will find the icon of the Virgin Mary. Faithful man, the shepherd did just that and found the icon. This fact caused him to dig the church room, together with the other shepherd, and with the help of the villagers.

There are numerous legends and stories that continue beyond this point. Some of these tales involve aliens, pyramids, energy or magnetic centers, magic, and malevolent forces.

The Cave Settlements in Buzău

Some of the most important are:

  • Aluniș Cave Church: It is the most famous and impressive cave settlement in the area and is nicknamed “Romania’s Athos”, as I mentioned before. This cave church is over 700 years old and is an important tourist and spiritual attraction.
  • Boțârcă Cave Settlements: Located near Boțârcă village, this cave complex includes several chapels, churches, and monasteries carved in stone.
  • Pâtârlagele Rock Settlements: Pâtârlagele is another place in Buzău County known for its rock settlements, which include churches and rock-cut cells.
  • Colți Cave Settlements: In the Colți area, there are other examples of cave settlements with churches dug into the rock, which houses old and interesting frescoes.

These cave settlements are surrounded by myths and legends that make them even more attractive to tourists and enthusiasts of history and esotericism. They represent an impressive testimony of Romanian history and culture and attract visitors from all over the world eager to explore the hidden secrets of the past.

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