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Porto Katsiki, the most famous beach in Lefkada, Greece

August 4, 2021
Porto Katsiki is the star beach of Lefkada and even of Greece. The beach is famous for its landscape and clear blue sea. Porto Katsiki beach can be seen on every postcard of Lefkada.
400AD-1400AD-Middle Ages Europe Romania

Roman-Catholic Cathedral St Michael – Alba Carolina Citadel

July 25, 2021
1000 years. That's how long it has been since the first stone was laid to build the Roman-Catholic Cathedral St Michael. The Cathedral is located inside Alba Carolina Citadel and is the oldest and the longest cathedral in Romania.
1400AD-Present-Modern Era Europe Romania

The Japanese Garden – Alba Carolina Citadel

July 22, 2021
The Japanese garden is located on the North Side of the Alba Carolina Fortress.
1400AD-Present-Modern Era Europe Romania

The gates of the Alba Carolina bastion fortress

July 21, 2021
The gates of the Alba Carolina bastion fortress are ways to access the great fortress but also beautiful monuments and tourist attractions. The eastern gates can be considered true artistic creations. The western ones are not as decorated as the eastern ones but they are also beautiful. It is worth walking through all the gates.
1400AD-Present-Modern Era Europe Romania

Alba Carolina Gates and the order in which to visit them

July 19, 2021
When I decided to go and visit the Alba Carolina Fortress I thought that the gates surround the fortress but it is not so. Read the article and find out the location of the gates and the order in which you can visit them.