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The Wedding at Cana, the biggest painting in the Louvre

The Wedding at Cana - Les Noces de Cana – By Paolo Veronese, Louvre, Paris
The Wedding at Cana is the largest painting exhibited in the Louvre museum. This painting represents the place and event where Jesus performed the first miracle, turning water into wine.

Tourist Information

PainterPaolo Veronese
Where is displayedLouvre Museum
Room 711, Denon Wing, Level 1
All visitors, including those entitled to free admission, must book a time slot. Bookings can be done through the online ticketing service.
17 E for Individual Visitor
Getting to
Metro: Louvre – Rivoli Station
LocationRue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France, Europe

The Wedding at Cana – the biggest painting displayed in the Louvre

The Wedding at Cana is the biggest painting displayed in the Louvre museum. The painting has 6.77 m in height and 9.94 m in length.

The painting was stolen by Napoleon and brought to Paris.

The Wedding at Cana represents a New Testament story, a wedding party in Cana, Galilee in which Jesus Christ performs his first miracle by turning water into wine.

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