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Law Code of Hammurabi

Law Code of Hammurabi (1792–1750 BC, Mesopotamia), Louvre, Paris 2
Law Code of Hammurabi is the longest surviving text from Old Babylon and is often considered the first written economic formula.
TypeMuseum piece, Ancient artifact
Created1792–1750 BC
Where is displayedLouvre Museum
Richelieu Wing, Level 1, Room 227, Department of Oriental Antiquities
The museum will reopen on May 19, 2021.
All visitors, including those entitled to free admission, must book a time slot.
Bookings can be done through the online ticketing service starting the afternoon of May 12, 2021.
17 E for Individual Visitor
Getting to
Metro: Louvre – Rivoli Station
LocationRue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France, Europe

Why is the Law Code of Hammurabi so famous?

The Law Code of Hammurabi is the longest surviving text from Old Babylon and is often considered the first written economic formula. The Code has 282 laws.

Hammurabi was the sixth king of the Amorite, First Dynasty of Babylon, and he ruled from 1792 to 1750 BC. Hammurabi was interested in law and justice.

Many laws are still in use, such as interest rates, fines for monetary wrongdoing, inheritance laws concerning how private property is taxed or divided.

It’s also one of the earliest examples of the idea of presumption of innocence, requesting that both the accused and accuser provide evidence to make their cases. It is famous for its scaled punishments, adjusting an “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” as graded depending on social status (of slave versus free man).

The Louvre stela was found at the site of the ancient Elamite city of Susa. Susa is in modern-day Khuzestan Province, Iran.

The stela is made of basalte.

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