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Fortuna with Pontos, a Greco-Roman masterpiece discovered in Romania

Fortuna and Pontos
Statue of Fortuna with Pontos
In 1962, in Constanța, 13 extraordinary statues were discovered, dating from the 2nd century AD. Fortuna with Pontos made from fine white marble, is one of them, of particular beauty. From her height, the goddess seems to look towards the Black Sea and the god of the sea Portos looks at the goddess as if asking her to give him the luck of a calm and clear sea. This statue was on the 10,000 Ron bill.
TypeStatue, Museum piece
Dating2nd Century AD
RepresentingFortuna, goddess of fortune, and Pontos, god of the Black Sea port of Tomis in Moesia.
LocationConstanța History and Archaeology Museum, Romania, Europe

Fortuna with Pontos is a statue made from marble and has a total height of 1.55 m.

Fortune is standing, dressed in a chiton with sleeves, tied under her breasts, covered with a veil that wraps her around, supporting a scepter (now missing) with her right hand and in her left hand she is holding a horn of plenty (filled with fruits, a symbol of the wealth of the Earth). She has a moon crown on her head.

Near the left leg is represented Pontos, God of the Black Sea, nude, rising from the waves of the sea, looking up towards the goddess, leaning with his left hand on a ship’s prow. He has a mural crown on his head.

This statue was on the 10,000 Ron bill together with another unique statue in the world, the Glykon Serpent.