Dacian gold bracelets
500BC-400AD-Ancient times Romania

Dacian bracelets – 2000 years old treasure

April 20, 2020

Dacian bracelets and the Legend

Dacian bracelets, so desired, so mysterious, so controversial, so precious, are a treasure of inestimable value and are 2 000 years old.

Legend has it that Decebal, the king of the Dacians, had diverted the course of the river and dug a cave in which he hid the Dacian treasure. Biciclis betrayed Decebal and revealed to Traian, the emperor of Rome, the place where gold and silver were hidden.

Although the Roman emperor, Traian, succeeded in finding much of the treasure, it is said that much of remains beneath the river.

Treasure hunters and the Flames

It is said that the Orastiei Mountains are full of Dacian gold and silver. Treasure hunters are still digging in some places hoping to find gold and silver.

Legend has it that on Christmas Eve and Sanziene night, above the places where the gold is hidden, live flames burn that can be seen from far away.

Gold spiral Dacian bracelets have gone through many events and surrounded the world, both physically and the stories about them. Stolen by treasure hunters, sold on the black market to various collectors, and finally found by the Romanian authorities and brought back to the country. It is assumed that there were 24 Dacian bracelets, of which only 13 were found.

The Dacian gold bracelets were found near Sarmisegetuza Regia, the last capital of the Dacian Kingdom.

The 13 bracelets are now on display at the National Museum of History of Romania