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The Cour Marly in the Louvre Museum – a perfect place for a photo session

The Cour Marly, Louvre, Paris
The Marly Court (Cour Marly) in the Louvre is a huge hall bathed in natural light that makes you feel amazing. After the race of masterpieces, you must come here, admire the beautiful statues and take the best photos.

Tourist Information

Where is displayedRichelieu wing, Louvre Museum
All visitors, including those entitled to free admission, must book a time slot.
Bookings can be done through the online ticketing service.
17 E
Metro: Louvre – Rivoli Station
LocationRue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France, Europe


What is Cour Marly?

The Marly Court is a hall of the Louvre Museum in the Richelieu Wing that has a glass roof and natural light flooded the entire hall. The courtyard is home to many large marble and bronze statues.

These statues were created to decorate the gardens of a palace in the countryside, Château de Marly, where Louis XIV invited his friends.

Marly Horses

The hall’s name is taken from the Marly Horses statues (statues carved in Carrara marble by Guillaume Coustou, depicting horses and riders).

The Cour Marly, Louvre, Paris 2

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