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Baile Olanesti – Spa resort with healing waters

Baile Olanesti, Romania
Baile Olanesti occupies the first place among the spa resorts with mineral springs in Romania in terms of the number of springs but also their variety.
TypeSpa Town, Resort Town with mineral springs
First documentary
Bucharest – Ramnicu Valcea on E 7
Ramnicu Valcea – Baile Olanesti on DN 64A
The closest train station: Ramnicu Valcea
From Ramnicu Valcea – ANTARES minibus every 30 min
LocationBaile Olanesti, Valcea County, Romania, Europe

For what is famous Baile Olanesti, Romania?

Baile Olanesti is famous for mineral spring called healing waters.

Olanesti is a city located in Valcea county, Romania.

Olanesti is one of the few places in the country where you will find a mild climate and healthy mineral waters.

Baile Olanesti occupies the first place among the spa resorts with mineral springs in Romania in terms of the number of springs but also their variety.

The town is also nicknamed “Golden Springs”, a name due to mineral springs.

The mineral waters from Olanesti are first mentioned in 1760 and are called healing waters.

Diseases that can be treated at Baile Olanesti

  • digestive disorders
  • renal and urinary tract diseases
  • chronic diseases of the liver and bile ducts
  • respiratory diseases
  • metabolic and nutritional disorders
  • dermatological conditions
  • allergic diseases
  • occupational diseases (heavy metal poisoning: Pb, Hg, As);
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • associated diseases
  • chronic gynecological conditions

What to visit in Baile Olanesti

  • Izvorul Tamaduiri Church
    • the main church of the town
    • located in the centerBaile Olanesti, Romania
  • The wooden church from Albac (The Church of Horea from Albac, Church of St. Pantelimon)
    • a wooden church that has very nice paintings in its interior
  • Water lily lake
    • actually, there are two wonderful lakes. One lake has white waterlilies and the other has yellow waterlilies.
    • walk-on Carol Davila Street or on Libertății Street, towards Aleea Lacurilor
    • the two freshwater lakes are home to white and yellow water lilies, which normally bloom in May and last until September or October.
  • Central ParkCentral Park, Baile Olanesti, Romania
  • Schitul Iezer (Iezer Hermitage)
    • 16 km by car from Olanesti
  • Schitul Pahomie (Pahomie Hermitage)
    • Pahomie Hermitage is located 22.5 km from Baile Olanesti, at the foot of the Capatanii Mountains. The access is made on DN 64, turning towards the village of Cheia, then on Valea Cheii, on an accessible forest road, and by car, to Izvorul Frumos.
  • Mlastina Mosoroasa reservation
    • an important meso-oligotrophic swamp due to the presence of Sphagnum moss and the carnivorous plant Drossera rotundifolia (sky dew).
  • Manastirea Frasinei (Frasinei Monastery)
    • the only orthodox site in Romania, where women are not allowed to enter
  • Valcea Village Museum
    • A wonderful place with very interesting old houses that are placed like in an old village, an old school ( the beginning of the 20th century) and a very old church on the top of the hill – 1785 from where you will get the perfect picture.
    • The peaceful atmosphere and a very green area during the summer.Easter in Baile Olanesti
  • Schitul Patrunsa (Patrunsa Hermitage)
    • Patrunsa hermitage is an orthodox monastic place of special beauty.
    • cannot be reached by car
    • is being located in the Buila-Vanturarita National Park

Where to stay


  • Olanesti & Spa Medical Hotel (4*)
  • Parang Hotel (2*)
  • Livadia Hotel (2*)
  • Alice Hotel (3*)
  • Suprem Hotel (3*)
  • Tisa Hotel (3*)


  • Noel (4*)
  • Casa Vanatorilor (4*)

Where to eat?

  • Tisa Hotel Restaurant
    • Restaurant and terrace, international menu
  • Stogu Hotel Restaurant & Terrace
    • breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Restaurant Olanesti – Noel Pension
    • Romanian and international cuisine