Moldovita Monastery, Bucovina
1400AD - Present - Modern Era Europe Romania

Moldovita Monastery, Bucovina, Romania

April 7, 2019

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Type Monastery, Religious
Completed 1532
Tickets Adults: 5 Lei
Filming fee (outside only): 10 Lei
Filming is not permitted inside the Church.
Location Vatra Moldovitei, Suceava County, Romania

The Moldovita Monastery is a Romanian Orthodox monastery situated in the commune of Vatra Moldovitei, Suceava County, Moldavia, Romania. The Monastery of Moldovita was built in 1532 by Petru Rares, who was Stephen III of Moldavia’s illegitimate son. It was founded as a protective barrier against the Muslim Ottoman conquerors from the East.

The museum of the monastery preserves today manuscripts from the 15th century, which refer to the way of organizing the monastery school and to the cultural activity in general.

On the outside walls of the monastery, visitors can admire historical scenes, religious or cultural. Remains a mystery how the Moldavian painters managed to achieve these special frescoes, while the colors that have become famous all over the world, are well preserved for more than 500 years. The colors and tones used are unique to each of the monasteries, so it is possible to speak of the famous blue of Voronet, the red-green of Sucevita, the yellow of Moldovita, the red of Humor and the green at Arbore.

Moldovita Monastery, Bucovina
Moldovita Monastery, Bucovina
Moldovita Monastery, Bucovina