White Rock of Grunj, Buzau
Europe Romania

White Rock of Grunj – a spectacular rock in Buzau land

February 14, 2021
TypeNatural Monument, Rock
Getting thereBy Car
Take the asphalt road from the Slanicului valley – DJ 203 K, which starts from DN2 (E85) from Maracineni to Sapoca (immediately before entering the bridge over Buzau), following the route Beceni – Vintila Voda – Manzalesti – Lopatari
Important: The area has difficult roads
Other touristic objectives nearbyMud Volcanoes Paclele Mari, Paclele Mici and Paclele from Beciu
Meledic Plateau
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“Sphinx” on Breazau (also known as the Sphinx from Bustea) – Rock about 5-6 m high located on the hill of Breazau, located on the left of the Slanicului valley
Living Fire – Lopatari
Lake Mocearu
Gavanu Monastery
Ivanetu Peak

Clear Lake from Bisoca
Poiana Marului Monastery
LocationManzalesti, Buzau, Romania, Europe

White Rock of Grunj – a natural monument

White Rock of Grunj is a natural monument with the status of geological reservation, which is located within the commune of Manzalesti in Buzau county.

The Rock has a pyramidal shape.

A cross on the top of the Rock

A cross is placed on top of the natural monument.

It is made up of a rock formed by wind and hydraulic erosion and by the accumulation of white ash marl. Its pyramidal silhouette is glued to another rock formed by dacitic tuffs, from volcanic eruptions, white-gray-yellow, Tortonian age (Miocene period – about 20 million years ago), but also from sandstones with almost vertical position.

The name “Grunj” means “neck”, “narrowing”.

Specialists say that this rock will disappear in time due to erosion.

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