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What to pack when you travel with a 1-year-old

What to pack travel 1-year-old
Besides clothes, shoes, diapers, a car seat, and a stroller, there are also some essential things that you must pack. Read the article to find out what to pack when you travel with a 1-year-old.

Besides clothes, shoes, diapers, a car seat and a stroller, there are also some essential things that you must pack when traveling with a 1-year-old child.

At 1 year, it is possible for your child to walk. Our child didn’t walk yet and I made the list considering that. This list is especially suitable for a beach holiday or for a holiday that includes going to the pool.

Portable Baby Crib

If you don’t like baby cribs from the hotels you can choose a portable one. Me, I chose the ones from the hotel and take from home my baby sheets. There is also another option, a tent-style travel baby bed (check the age limitations on these) before buying one and testing it at home. Do not go there and put your baby inside to discover that he is not sleeping in it.

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Waterproof Mattress Cover, Crib Sheets

The Waterproof Mattress Cover was a must on our first vacation with the 1-year-old boy. That’s because he could pee accidentally during the night and I wouldn’t want to sit and clean the mattress of the hotel bed. And not only does it protect the mattress, but it also is much more hygienic for the child. Also, I prefer to use my own crib sheet.

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Disposable Diaper Changing Pads 90×60 cm

Disposable Waterproof Diaper Changing Pads are very useful. I use them on the bed, in the car, at the restaurant’s restrooms, public restrooms when I change the baby’s diaper. It saves you cleaning in case of an accident. Simple, safe and hygienic.

Diaper Bags / Garbage Bags

Diaper bags and garbage bags are absolutely necessary. I honestly prefer smaller garbage bags (20 l) so I can throw in them both the diaper, the multitude of dirty napkins, and the disposable sheet if they got dirty. Garbage bags are also very good to put wet or dirty clothes.

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Bibs and Pacifiers

You need to have some bibs to protect the clothes of your baby. Also, you need a few pacifiers if your baby is used to them.

Baby Food and Utensils

Milk powder (formula), cereals, baby puree jars, plates, bowls, teaspoons, fruit grater (perfect to make fresh fruit puree), and food thermos (it is necessary to put food in it for later).

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Electric Kettle

For boiling or heating water and preparing formula milk.

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Sunblock Cream, Baby-safe Insect Repellent, Medicine and a First aid kit

Do not forget the sunblock cream and insect repellent spray recommended for babies. Also, take baby-specific medications, baby-safe pain killers, powder tablets or juice for dehydration, bandages, antiseptic cream, disinfectant wipes, and any prescriptions your baby has. Be sure to check with your child’s pediatrician for suggestions. And the most important, a First aid kit. You will need it in case of emergency.

Baby Toiletries

Toothbrush, toothpaste, baby shampoo, baby shower gel, diaper cream, fingernail clippers.

Thermometer and Nasal Aspirator

Don’t forget the thermometer and nasal aspirator. I really needed this on our first vacation because was the first time when my baby got a cold. Also, do not forget nasal drops and saline for babies.

Sleep items

Sleepsack or blankets, white noises box, music box, preferred toy, and all other things that your baby needs to sleep. Try to keep the moment of sleep as similar as possible to the one at home.

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Water cups

You need to keep your baby hydrated. So have with you his / her favorite cup.

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Waterproof Swim shorts

Because swim diapers are not waterproof I always put over the diaper waterproof swim shorts.

What to pack travel 1-year-old


Doctors recommend using sunscreen but more important is mechanical protection, so use light clothes made of materials that absorb perspiration and hats.

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Inflatable Pool with Sun Cover

In the first year of the child’s life, I preferred not to place my baby directly on the sand because he put everything in his mouth and I didn’t want him to eat sand, so I took an inflatable mini pool and kept him in it. It also has a cover that protects him from the sun, so it’s perfect.

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Zipped Plastic Bags

Since the covid-19 pandemic, these zip bags are very good. It helps you maintain hygiene but also to maintain order in the bag. They are also very useful to put wet clothes on them.

What to pack travel 1-year-old

Hooded Baby Bathrobe and Hooded Baby Towel Cotton

You need a bathrobe and a large cotton beach towel to wrap the baby in it when he/she comes out of the pool.

What to pack travel 1-year-old

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