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What not to pack for a summer vacation

July 27, 2021

How many times have you gone on vacation and realized that you packed so many things that you didn’t need? It happened to me many times when I was young and now, since I have a child, useless things simply don’t fit anymore 🙂

High heels shoes

Especially if you’re going to a city break or to a beach resort. Unless you’re going to a special event or a club you probably do not need high heels shoes.

What not to pack, high heels

Shoes that you didnt wear before

You don’t want to take with you shoes that you haven’t worn before and that could injure your feet. Take the sports shoes or the moccasins that you wore before and in which you feel super comfortable.

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More than one jacket

You will need one thicker jacket. I usually wear a sweatshirt and I don’t even take my jacket.

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More than one pair of long pants

I often packed all kinds of long pants, jeans, training pants. I often packed all kinds of long pants, jeans, training pants. I rarely needed more than one pair in a week.

jeans, pants, fashion-2405033.jpg

Any clothes that you don’t feel comfortable in

Believe me, over time I packed a lot of clothes because they were beautiful or I had the impression that I was well dressed with them. When you reach your destination and you will be visiting the city all day long, you will definitely dress in what is comfortable for you.

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Expensive jewelry

Do not take with you expensive jewelry that you’d hate to lose or have stolen. During the holidays you become relaxed and the risk of losing an expensive piece of jewelry is very high.

jewelry, women's clothing, loud-618429.jpg


Unless you have red hair like me and you don’t want to dirty all the towels in the hotel. I take a small red towel with me.

towels, yellow, orange-3279690.jpg

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