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Vama Buzaului: The gateway to the wild beauty of the Buzăului Mountains

Holiday and Trips Vama Buzaului
Welcome to Vama Buzăului, an enchanted land located in the heart of the Ciucaș Mountains in Romania! This delightful destination uniquely combines spectacular mountain scenery with rich history and traditional Romanian culture. Surrounded by forest-covered peaks, you will lose your gaze in the beauty of virgin nature. Here, the Howling Waterfall will enchant you with its tumultuous fall and its legendary story. You can explore the Cheile Buzăului, with its imposing cliffs and dense forests, while enjoying the fresh mountain air and picturesque silence.

Tourist Information

The first documentary certification1449
Getting thereCar
RoadDifficult road. County Road. Paved road. Forest road
You can reach this village either coming from Buzau (130 km) or from Brasov (45 km).
Tourist AttractionsBuzau Valley (9 km)  
Massif Ciucas (11 km)
Reci Natural Reserve – Covasna (29 km)
Dacian Fortresses – Covasna (32 km)
Reserve Glodeasa (40 km)
Prejmer Fortresses (30 Km)
LocationBuzau, Romania, Europe

Vama Buzaului is a commune in Brasov County, Romania.It is composed of four villages: Acris, Buzaiel, Dalghiu and Vama Buzaului.


Why is Vama Buzăului a tourist destination worth visiting?

Impressive natural landscape

Vama Buzăului is located in the area of the Eastern Carpathians and offers a spectacular mountain landscape. The surrounding mountains, dense forests, rivers, and lakes create a particularly beautiful natural setting, perfect for lovers of nature and outdoor activities.

Traditions and culture

Buzăului Customs is located in an area with rich and authentic traditions. Here you can discover local customs, traditional crafts, and authentic Romanian cuisine.

Relaxing atmosphere

Vama Buzăului is known for its relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. It is a suitable place for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

What tourist attractions are in the area?

Bison Reserve

The reserve is located in Vama Buzăului, 10 km from Dălghiu Village, it covers 12 hectares and has approximately 30 animals.

Bison Reservation, Romania
Bison Reservation, Romania

Sita Buzăului Monastery

The Sita Buzăului Monastery, also known as the Holy Prophet Ilie Tesviteanul Monastery, is an Orthodox monastery located in the commune of Vama Buzăului. This monastery is in a picturesque location, near the Buzau River, in a beautiful natural setting.

The Howling Waterfall, Ciucaș

It is located 10 km from Dalghiu Village and is reached by a paved road.

The Howling Waterfall in Ciucaș was, according to a legend, the place where witches with extraordinary magical powers gathered on full moon nights.

Many people say that the water here is extremely clean and has helped them with stomach ailments. However, there is no research to confirm the therapeutic qualities of the water.

In the area of the waterfall, there are picnic spots with wooden tables and chairs that fit perfectly with the natural setting. Here you can relax and admire the waterfall to your heart’s content. You can breathe a healthy dose of fresh air.

How do you get to Urlatoarea Waterfall?

From Intorsura Buzăului to Brașov on DN 10, after 4 kilometers follow the road on DN 103A for another 12 kilometers. You cross the bridge over the Buzău River, at the first road intersection you will follow the forest road to Chirușca until the sign informs you that you still have about 1500 meters to go to the waterfall. Here you turn right and after a few meters, you are at the waterfall.

Where to stay?

Vama 54 Boutique

Location: Vama Buzăului, Dălghiu Village (forest road 5 km)

At Vama54 you can rent bicycles, offroad shuttles, or horse-drawn carriages/sleighs. Horse riding tours, offroad tours, and rafting can be organized. On-site, there is a heated swimming pool open from May 15 to September 15, a jacuzzi, sauna, board games, and Xbox.

Vama Buzaului, România
Vama 54 Hotel

Restaurants with Traditional Food

In and around Vama Buzăului, you’ll find restaurants and taverns serving traditional Romanian dishes, including pies, polenta, sarmales, and more. It is an excellent opportunity to taste the local cuisine.

What is the history of the area?

The Buzăului Mountains include the Siriu, Penteleu, Podu Calului, Monteoru and Culmea Ivanetu Massifs, within which there are several marked trails, located in the central-southern part of the region, they are separated by the Buzău, Bârsa Mică, Bârsa Rosilei valleys.
In the Tabla Butii Pass from the Ciucaș massif, the Order of the Teutonic Knights, a citadel, known as “Cruceburg” (Citadel of the Cross) was built and was used as a defense bastion and border customs point.

After 1699, when Transylvania came under the rule of the Habsburg Empire, the customs office was moved down the Buzău River, and after 1700 the inhabitants settled around the customs point, developing the Buzău Customs region. The name of the locality comes from the customs point at the source of the Buzau River, at the crossing between Transylvania and Wallachia.
You can still see the old border police barracks, but also the remains of the seven festungs, walled fortifications built around military camps. There is a tourist route arranged and marked to reach the fortress.

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