Valcea Village Museum
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Valcea Village Museum – the perfect image of the Romanian village

May 4, 2021
Bucharest – Ramnicu Valcea on E 7
Train Station Ramnicu Valcea
Bus Station Ramnicu Valcea – ANTARES
Summer (April – October): Daily 10.00 – 18.00
Winter (November – March): Daily 09.00 – 17.00
Monday – CLOSED
LocationStrada Valea Bujorencii 3, Bujoreni 247065, Valcea County, Romania, Europe

Valcea Village Museum

  • This open-air museum is in fact an authentic Valcea village, a model of rural settlement, a fairytale place where you will walk among old houses, you will visit the village school and the church where the villagers gathered on holidays.
  • Valcea Village Museum is a wonderful place where you can relax and enjoy a quiet atmosphere special during the summer.
  • The old old school was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • The church is dated to 1785 and is located on the top of the hill from where you will get the perfect picture.
  • The museum has an area of 8 hectares and has 80 architectural constructions.
  • Along with Cula Bujorenilor (also called “cula with external staircase“, founded around 1810 by Preda Bujoreanu and included in the list of the main cule in Oltenia), the Valcea Village Museum also includes Bogdan’s Inn (since 1889), school from Cacova, the wooden church (1785) in which liturgies are still celebrated on the big holidays, other religious constructions (crosses, crucifixes), furnished peasant houses from Valcea county and with household annexes (the oldest house having over 200 years), as well as fountains and gates specific to the area.
  • A series of craft workshops were reconstructed: pottery, carpentry, goat hair processing. Also interesting are the technical installations, the hand and watermills from the Loviste ethnographic area, the piva, the tuica boiler, and a whole series of installations for wine production.

Bujorenilor “cula”

  • Cula = fortress house
  • Dated: 1802 – 1912
  • Reconstruction: 1966 – 1968

Cula Bujorenilor is also called “cula with external staircase”. It was founded around 1810 by Preda Bujoreanu and is included in the list of important “culas” in Oltenia.

Cula was used as a guard tower against Turkish invasions or as a shelter in case of Ottoman attacks.

On the ground floor, you can visit the exhibition “Culele from Oltenia”.

The Old School (Sirineasa Primary School)

Dated: 1967 – 1977

The old school was built in the early twentieth century.

Inside are two classrooms, a hall, and the chancellery.

The church on the hill

The church dates from 1785 and is located on the top of the hill where you will get the perfect photo.

To get to the church you have to climb a staircase with stone steps.

It was brought from Nicolae Balcescu commune.

Village Inn (Bogdan’s Inn)

On the ground floor there is the wine cellar, the food warehouse, the innkeeper’s room, the entrance to the cellar, and on the first floor there are the bedrooms.

Houses in the museum

  • Velea House (18th century)
  • Ionescu Gheorghe House from Bujoreni (19th century)
  • Mircea Gheorghita House from Prundeni commune
  • Toma Dumitru House from Stoenesti commune (19th century)
  • Elena Popescu House from Alunu commune
  • Iacobescu Gheorghe House from Stoiceni commune (1899)

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