1400AD-Present-Modern Era France

Opera Garnier, Paris – glamour and opulence

February 9, 2021
Visit Opera Garnier from Paris if you want to be amazed by the glamour and opulence of this building, if you want to see the Grand Stairs case with different marble colors, the amazing auditorium hall, the famous 8 tonnes chandelier, and much more.
1400AD-Present-Modern Era France

Saint-Michel Fountain, Paris

February 5, 2021
Saint-Michel Fountain, Paris is a monumental fountain in neo-renaissance style, the work of nine sculptors. The main theme of the fountain is the fight of good against evil.
400AD-1400AD-Middle Ages Europe Italy

Piazza San Marco – The most famous square in Europe

February 3, 2021
Piazza San Marco is dominated on the eastern side by St Mark's Basilica. Other buildings from St Mark's Square are St Mark's Campanile, Doge’s Palace, Correr Museum and St Mark's Clocktower.
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10 Best Tourist Attractions in the World in 2019 according to TripAdvisor

May 22, 2020
According to TripAdvisor, these are the 10 best Tourist Attractions in the World in 2019. From the ancient ruins of Rome to the French Quarter of New Orleans each tourist attraction from this list will wow you. 
Italy 1400AD-Present-Modern Era Europe

Piazza del Popolo | Wonderful Square in Rome

February 17, 2019
In the center of the Piazza del Popolo square stands one of the biggest obelisks in Rome, from Egypt, 24 meters high and dating back to 1.200 BC. The Flaminio Obelisk was taken to Rome by Augustus.