The 3rd Gate Alba Carolina Citadel Romania
1400AD-Present-Modern Era Europe Romania

The 3rd Gate – the largest gate of the Alba Carolina fortress

July 13, 2021
TypeMonument, Gate
Other NamesCarol Gate, Main Gate, Mihai Viteazul Gate, Horea’s Gate
LocationMihai Viteazu Street, Alba Iulia, Romania, Europe

The 3rd Gate has the shape of a double triumphal arch, it is the largest and most impressive gate of the Alba Carolina fortress.

At the top of the gate is the equestrian statue of Carol VI, the Austrian emperor during which the fortress was built.

The emperor appears triumphant, dignified, dominant, and his horse, rendered in an attitude of fierce war, passes over the Turkish military.

The four statues at the top, from the east (you can see them entering the fortress), represent the virtues: Temperance, Wisdom, Justice and Courage.

The 3rd Gate has three entrances: a big one and two smaller.

The monument is also known as “Horea’s Gate” because at the top of the gate there is a cell in which it is said that Horea was imprisoned. The cell can be visited as part of the circuit “The route of the 3 Fortifications“.

In front of the gate, there is a mobile bridge. In the past, in the evening it was raised and in the morning it was lowered again.

The ditch in front of the gate should have been filled with water, which was never done.


The gates of the Alba Carolina bastion fortress

The gates of the Alba Carolina bastion fortress

CatalinaJuly 21, 20212 min read
The gates of the Alba Carolina bastion fortress are not only ways to access the great fortress but also monuments and tourist attractions themselves. The eastern gates can be considered true artistic creations. The western ones are not as decorated as the eastern ones but they are also beautiful. It is worth walking through all the gates.