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Romania Mud Volcanoes, and the legend of 7-headed Dragon

Berca Mud Volcanoes, Romania
The legend of Romania Mud Volcanoes has it that this land was terrorized in the past by the Seven-Headed Dragon.

Legend has it that this land was terrorized in the past by the Seven-Headed Balaur.

A Balaur in Romanian folklore is a many-headed dragon, sometimes said to be equipped with wings. 

The dragon was destroying the crops and the houses of the peasants and spitting flames over the forests and plains, burning them.

Arbanașu, the son of Mrs. Neaga and Prince Mihnea Turcitul, decided to face the Dragon. He prepared for battle, mounted a white horse, and set out in search of the Dragon. With the blood boiling in his veins and eager to show his courage in battle, the warrior passes through Valea Parului, Berca, Dimiana, Margariti reaching a village where an old man tells him that the dragon is hiding behind a hill.

Arbanasu goes for the hill and as he climbs up, the giant Dragon shows up, sprinkling fire and pear through all seven mouths. Arbanașu fights with him, avoids the deadly flames and when he catches the moment he takes out his big sword and cuts off one of his 7 heads. The black blood of the Dragon spills over the hill and the plain and the landscape changes radically. Taking advantage of the moment of weakness, the warrior cuts off another head, and the dragon hides under the ground. Its black blood penetrates the crust of the earth and comes to the surface and the ground looks as you see it today.

So be careful not to wake the dragon from the depths.

Another legend says that here are the gates of Hell.

Whatever the legend is, the Berca Volcanoes nature reserve in Berca is amazing and well worth a visit.

Berca Mud Volcanoes, Romania

Berca Mud Volcanoes, Romania

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The muddy volcanoes of Berca, Romania are surrounded by an arid and salty landscape, similar to the lunar landscape.