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Roman-Catholic Cathedral St Michael – Alba Carolina Citadel

Roman-Catholic Cathedral St Michael, Alba Carolina
1000 years. That's how long it has been since the first stone was laid to build the Roman-Catholic Cathedral St Michael. The Cathedral is located inside Alba Carolina Citadel and is the oldest and the longest cathedral in Romania.
TypeCathedral, Religious Site
Michelin Green
Visiting HoursDaily 8:00 – 18:00
Ticket PriceFree – The Cathedral
1.5 Euro (6 lei) – The Tower
LocationStr. Mihai Viteazul 21, Alba Iulia 510010, Romania, Europe

What is Roman Catholic Cathedral St Michael famous for?

The Cathedral of St. Michael is the oldest cathedral in Romania. It is also the longest in the country.

Who built St Michael Cathedral in Romania?

The construction of the first cathedral was started by Stephen I of Hungary and was completed under the rule of Ladislaus I. The exact date is not known.

In 1241 the Mongols attacked and destroyed both the fortress and the cathedral. In 1246, the cathedral passed from the royal family to the catholic church and began its reconstruction.

Who is buried inside the cathedral?

In the cathedral is buried Voivode John Hunyadi (Iancu de Hunedoara), his brother Ioan and his son Ladislau, Prince John Sigismund Zapolya, Queen Isabella, prince Andrew Bathory (Andrei Bathory), Ștefan Bocskai, Gabriel Bethlen, Gheorghe Rákóczi I, cardinal Gheorghe Martinuzzi, the first architect of the bastion fortress Alba Carolina Giovanni Morando Visconti.

Its architecture combines elements belonging to the late Romanesque and early Gothic styles and is the creation of several craftsmen’s workshops in Central and Western Europe.

Is St. Michael’s Cathedral recommended by the Michelin Green Guide?

Yes. In 2019 St Michael Cathedral was added to the Michelin Green Guide and rated with 2 stars (the Michelin rating system is from 1 to 3 stars where 1 star is considered “interesting”, 2 stars “worth a trip” and 3 stars, the highest score, means “worth a detour”).

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Roman-Catholic Cathedral St Michael, Alba Carolina
Pieta, Roman-Catholic Cathedral St Michael, Alba Carolina
Roman-Catholic Cathedral St Michael, Alba Carolina