Putna Monastery, Bucovina, Romania | The tomb of Stephen the Great
1400AD-Present-Modern Era Europe Romania

Putna Monastery, Bucovina, Romania | The tomb of Stephen the Great

August 12, 2018

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Putna Monastery, Bucovina, Romania – the tomb of Stephen the Great

Construction Year1466
FounderStephen the Great of Moldavia
Getting there
When to visit
  • Tourist season (May to September)
  • Monday – Sunday: 8:30 to 8:00 p.m.
  • Off-season (October to April)
  • Monday – Sunday: 9:00 to 5:00 p.m.
  • Admission fee:
    • 5 lei ($1.5)
    • Camera/ Photo fee: 10 lei ($2.5)
LocationStrada Principala 201, Putna 727455, Suceava, Romania, Europe

Putna Monastery – History and Legends

  • According to legend this place was decided by Stephen the Great after shooting an arrow to the hill located near the monastery. The building was erected on the ground where the arrow hit.
  • The current church it’s not the one built by Prince Stephen.
  • Legend says that Stephen the Great, having once been defeated and wounded in battle and wandering around the country, at last, reached the dwelling place of Daniil the Hermit, who gave him food and shelter. In the middle of the night, the hermit took Stephen by the hand and led him out of the cell, pointing towards a certain spot in the distance and asking him three times in a row whether he saw anything there. The third time, the voivode answered that he saw some lights, to which the hermit replied that those were not lights, but angels, and that the place is sacred. He added that, if he wanted to defeat his enemies, he should build a monastery on that very spot.
    Putna Monastery, Bucovina, Romania | The tomb of Stephen the Great
  • The Putna Monastery houses the tombs of Stephen (nowadays, a place of pilgrimage) and several of his family members
  • The first monastery fortified by Stephen the Great was Putna monastery.
  • Only the Thesaurus’ Tower remains from the original fortification (1481). Putna Monastery, Bucovina, Romania | The tomb of Stephen the GreatPutna Monastery, Bucovina, Romania | The tomb of Stephen the Great
  • The church ensemble is comprised of the church (centrally located), the access tower gate, the bell tower, sanctums, chapel, museum, turret, court, and the fortified wall surrounding the premises. During medieval times, fortified monasteries sheltered peasants and soldiers against Tartar invasions.
  • In the churchyard there is a museum worth visiting, the exhibits are hundreds of years old. Here you can see a piece of maple in which it says that Stephen’s arrow has stuck, a replica of the sword of the ruler, the grave covering of Stephen (1504), the grave covering of Mary of Mangop (second wife of Stephen), icons from 1500 and many more.
  • The church houses the tomb of Prince Stephen the Great. Alongside, there are the tombs of Mary (Stephen’s wife), Mary (Stephen’s daughter), his son Bogdan (ruler during 1504-1517), and his nephew Stefanita (ruler during 1517-1527).

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