Neamt Monastery
1400AD - Present - Modern Era Europe Romania

Neamt Monastery, Romania

June 26, 2019

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Type Monastery, Religious
Completed 1497
Tickets Adults: 5 Lei
Photo / Video fee – Free
Dress Code
  • Men – long trousers and a sleeved T-shirt
  • Women – skirt or long pants, and a sleeved T-shirt
Location Vanatori Village, code 617502, Neamt county, Romania
  • An amazing historical bulding, the foundations of Neamt Monastery have been laid since the fourteenth century.
  • Neamt monastery has the most beautiful interior – dark, mysterious, covered in frescoes.
  • Stephen the Great decided to build a new church by cancelling the restoration of the old church. The new church, called „The Holy Ascension of the Lord” was sanctified on 14th of November, 1497.
  • When you walk through the entrance tunnel, which has a solid wooden gate, dating from 1769, you immediately see the Church of the Ascension on you left hand side. Take a moment and contemplate the view.
  • The first monks who arrived here built a wooden church.
  • In the chamber of the tombs is the tomb of Stefan al II-lea, son of Alexandru cel Bun and uncle of Stefan cel Mare.
Neamt monastery, Romania
Neamt monastery, Romania
Neamt Monastery
Neamt Monastery

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