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Megali Petra: The beach in Lefkada where enormous rocks meet breathtaking sunsets

Megali Petra Beach in Lefkada
Megali Petra
Imagine a tropical oasis on the island of Lefkada: Megali Petra Beach. Here, you are greeted by truly magical landscapes, where massive rocks are mirrored in the turquoise waters. Heaven is real and you can find it here!

Tourist Information

TypeBeach, Natural, Bay
Getting thereIt is located 15 km west of Chora and close to Kalamitsi. Between Gialos beach and Kathisma beach.
There is also small parking here serving not a big amount of cars (5E/day).
Accessible by car, poor road from the village of Kalamitsi, 5 km long.
When to visitDuring the summer, anytime
AmenitiesKavalikefta Beach has a canteen with all the appropriate snacks and beverages.
Megali Petra is next to this beach and doesn’t have any bars or restaurants.
TicketsFree entry
LocationLefkada, Greece, Europe


Why is Megali Petra Beach famous?

On the island of Lefkada in Greece, a natural gem has caught the attention of travelers and lovers of idyllic beaches, Megali Petra Beach. With fine, golden sand stretching along the edge of crystal clear water, this beach wraps the landscape in a dreamlike setting. What makes this destination so captivating are the massive cliffs that surround the beach, creating a picture that rhymes with serenity and natural beauty. Less popular than neighboring beaches, it feels wild and secluded.

Megali Petra Beach is accessible via a short hiking trail, which gives it a touch of adventure. Along the walk, you will be rewarded with impressive views of the Lefkada coastline and the sparkling sea. Once you arrive, you’ll feel like you’ve discovered a secret corner of heaven.

The vibrant colors of the Ionian Sea, combined with the shades of stone and cliffs, create a landscape where the eyes can easily get lost. Megali Petra Beach is perfect for relaxation, swimming, and unforgettable photos. It is also ideal for snorkeling, allowing you to explore the region’s vibrant underwater world.

The name comes from the massive stones in the seawater and on the beach.

What fantastic legends does Megali Petra Beach hide?

Megali Petra Beach in Lefkada Island, Greece can be surrounded by myths and stories that add a fascinating layer of mystery and romance to this gorgeous natural place.

Megali Petra Beach in Lefkada Island, Greece can be surrounded by myths and stories that add a fascinating layer of mystery and romance to this gorgeous natural place.

The Legend of the Sirens

Some myths may suggest that Megali Petra beach is a place frequented by mermaids – mysterious sea creatures with enchanting voices. It is said that when night falls and the moon shines on the water, mermaids emerge from the depths to sing enchanting tales and attract fishermen and sailors to their waters. This story explores the balance between the fascination and dangers of the marine world.

Legend of Eternal Love

A possible legend says that two lovers forced to live apart decided to declare their eternal love on Megali Petra beach. Their gesture is said to have been blessed by the sea gods, and the massive rocks opened up to form a secret passage to a hidden place where the two lovers could meet each night, even though they lived on different coasts of the island. This romantic story emphasizes the power and sacredness of true love.

Legend of the Hidden Treasure

Another story might say that there is a hidden treasure on the beach of Megali Petra, protected by the spirits of nature. This myth can inspire adventure and curiosity as searchers wade through the rocks and sand to discover something precious hidden in the depths of the beach.

There is a seafaring legend that says that a group of brave sailors who sailed into the depths of the Ionian Sea discovered a portal to a magical world inside the rocks of Megali Petra. This story can convey lessons about courage, perseverance, and discovering something more than what meets the surface.

Megali Petra Beach in Lefkada

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