Maritozzi and cappuccino in Rome - Italian Breakfast
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Maritozzi and cappuccino – Delicious Italian Breakfast

August 25, 2018

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Type Traditional Italian Dessert, Coffee Shop
Location Rome, Italy, Europe  
Pasticceria Bar Romoli 

Maritozzi and a Cappuccino

Maritozzi, weet buns with whipped cream, typical from Lazio, and a cappuccino is the perfect Italian breakfast when you wake up in Rome.

We had this delightful dessert in Pasticceria Bar Romoli

When you wake up in Rome, before to start visiting all the fabulous tourist attractions that are waiting for you, take time and have an Italian breakfast with Maritozzi, weet buns with whipped cream typical from Lazio, and cappuccino.

Maritozzi was the favorite breakfast of the Romans, particularly in the 1950s and 60s, before the Italian croissants took over countertops. Today, though, it’s rarer to find these raisin-studded buns.

Apparently, it seems that in the Middle Ages the sweet bun was offered by husbands-to-be to their future wives on Valentine’s Day and often hid small golden objects or rings. The bun was also a sweet treat people would indulge themselves after a long Lent. These were in the end a more elaborate version of an ever more olden recipe that goes back to ancient Rome which simply mixed flour, eggs, honey, and fat.

Maritozzi and cappuccino in Rome - Italian Breakfast 1
Maritozzi and cappuccino in Rome - Italian Breakfast 1
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