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The legend of the hidden secret in the Trevi Fountain

Fontana di Trevi
Fontana di Trevi
The majestic Fontana di Trevi in Rome has a captivating legend intertwined with the enigmatic architect Nicola Salvi and a secret hidden in the blue water or among its magnificent sculptures.

The legend of the secret hidden in the Trevi Fountain

According to the legend, architect Nicola Salvi had a vision of a magnificent fountain, and he dedicated himself to creating this masterpiece. As he worked on the fountain, he supposedly concealed a secret within its design, a secret that only he knew. Some versions of the story suggest that he hid a love letter to a woman he loved, while others claim that he concealed a piece of jewelry or a personal message.

Trevi Fountain

The legend goes on to say that Nicola Salvi never confessed his feelings to her. Instead, he decided to immortalize his love by hiding a symbol of it within the Trevi Fountain.

The Legend of the Coin Toss

Legend has it that whoever throws a coin into the water will return to Rome. The coin must be tossed over the shoulder with the back to the fountain. If you toss two coins you will fall in love with an Italian. If you toss three coins you will soon marry an Italian.

coin toss

The legend of the origin of the name “Trevi”

The name “Trevi” comes from the Latin word “trivium”, which refers to the intersection of three paths or roads. Legend has it that, before it became the Trevi Fountain, this area was where travelers met and talked, thus forming a “trivium.”

The Legend of Agrippa

Another legend says that the Trevi Fountain was built on the spot where the Roman general Agrippa discovered a water source in the first century BC. This water source was considered an auspicious sign and was used to supply water to Rome.

water source

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