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Kailasa temple, Cave 16 of Ellora

Kailasa temple, Cave 16 of Ellora
Image by Sachin Kawale from Pixabay
Kailasa temple of Ellora is one of the most mysterious temples in the world. The date of construction is unknown and this incredible temple is a megalith carved from a single rock.
TypeTemple, Archaeological site
Construction year756 CE – 773 CE
Getting thereBus, flight, and trains for Aurangabad.
Aurangabad airport is the closest airport to the Kailasa temple (15 KM). 
235 Km from Pune
350 Km from Mumbai
Other namesKailasha, Kailashanatha, Cave 16
TicketsAdult: 4 E
Visiting Days / HoursTuesday – Closed
Wednesday – Monday – 06 – 18
Where to
stay / eat
Hotel Kailas is the only good hotel in Ellora, so travelers are advised to book in advance
MTDC’s Ellora Restaurant 
Heritage Restaurant at Hotel Kailas serves Indian as well as Chinese dishes.
Milan Restaurant is a snack stop.
Visiting duration3 Hours
Travel tipsWear a hat
Use plenty of high SPF sunscreen
Bring water
Bring some snacks with you.
Wear comfortable shoes.
Photo with flash is not allowed in order to protect the ancient paintings
LocationAurangabad, Maharashtra, India, Asia

Kailasa Temple of God Shiva

This incredible, ancient, world-famous, mysterious Kailasa Temple of God Shiva from the Himalayas is located in cave 16 of Ellora, Aurangabad, India.

Kailasa temple, Cave 16 of Ellora

The date of construction is unknown because these epigraphs are not physically connected to the caves. The rock from which the temple is made is believed to be 6,000 years old. 

The construction is generally attributed to the Rashtrakuta king Krishna I that ruled between 756-773 AD.

The temple is a megalith carved from a single rock. It is considered one of the most remarkable cave temples in the world because of its size, architecture, and sculptural treatment.

It could only be made by a vertical excavation method. Most probably carvers started at the top and excavated downwards.

The temple has twice the area of the Parthenon in Greece.

It has the largest cantilevered rock ceiling in the world.

Kailasa temple is the only temple in the world that was built by using the construction technique called “Cut-Out”. Approximately 400 000 tons of rock were removed from the site

There are many deep tunnels and narrow passages in the Ellora caves. Some researchers believe in the existence of a huge underground civilization under these caves. Some carvings depict tiny humanoids and animals. 

Kailas temple has secret passageways, state-of-the-art drainage systems, connecting bridges, and complicated designs all carved out of a single rock.

This temple is one of the most mysterious temples in the world and still remains a mystery.

Do not miss the view from the top of the rock. A little climb will give the perfect photo point.

Kailasa temple, Cave 16 of Ellora
Photo: Pratheepps/commons.wikimedia.org

The elephants and lions that form the high plinth of the main temple signify Rashtrakuta power and prosperity. They form an X that is visible from the helicopter. Some theories say that this grandiose temple was built by aliens.

Aurangabad is a very popular tourist place mainly because of the Ajanta and Ellora caves.

Kailasa temple, Cave 16 of Ellora
Photo: Yogesh Shivnekar/Unsplash
Kailasa temple, Cave 16 of Ellora

Ellora Caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Featured Image: Sachin Kawale / Pixabay

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