Horezu, Romania
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Horezu, Romania

June 27, 2019

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Type Village
Where to Stay Conacul lui Maldar, Casa Veche
What to visit:
  • Fortified houses Duca si Greceanu (1 km from Maldaresti)
  • Trovanti Museum (10 km from Costesti village)
  • Cheile Oltetului 
  • Cheile Bistritei
  • Monasteries: Arnota, Bistrita, Horezu, Polovragi, Wood Monastery
  • Polovragi Cave
  • Muierii Cave
  • Liliecilor Cave
  • Ursilor Cave
Location Horezu, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania
  • Must do: Visit Olari village
  • When you go to Horezu to buy the pottery, my advice is not to stop at the main street shops but to go for 3 km to the Olari museum village (this village is part of Horezu). Here you will find true potters who will gladly welcome you and invite you in their workshop. You will have a choice of a cane, a plate or a small craft and you will be able to see the workshops and furnaces where these creations are born.
  • There is only one street in Olari village, twisted and climbing. On one side of the road there are houses filled with ceramic objects …
  • The Horezu pottery, usually enamelled inside, needs to be burnt twice Also, I can tell you that if you want perfect ceramic objects, you will not find them here … here you will find imperfect plates and craftsmanship … because they are manually created by potters …. their perfection … stand just in imperfection …
  • Then, if you want, you can go to the main street of Horezu and buy other ceramic objects.
  • Visit Pietraru Ceramic House
Horezu, Romania
Horezu, Romania
Horezu, Romania