Horezu, Romania
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Horezu – A fascinating ceramic village in Romania

June 27, 2019
Where to StayConacul lui Maldar, Casa Veche
What to visit:
  • Fortified houses Duca si Greceanu (1 km from Maldaresti)
  • Trovanti Museum (10 km from Costesti village)
  • Cheile Oltetului 
  • Cheile Bistritei
  • Monasteries: Arnota, Bistrita, Horezu, Polovragi, Wood Monastery
  • Polovragi Cave
  • Muierii Cave
  • Liliecilor Cave
  • Ursilor Cave
LocationHorezu, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania, Europe

Olari village in Horezu

  • Must-visit: Olari village
  • When you go to Horezu to buy the pottery, my advice is not to stop at the main street shops but to go for 3 km to the Olari museum village (this village is part of Horezu). Here you will find true potters who will gladly welcome you and invite you to their workshop. You will have a choice of a cane, a plate, or a small craft and you will be able to see the workshops and furnaces where these creations are born.
  • There is only one street in Olari village, twisted and climbing. On one side of the road, there are houses filled with ceramic objects …
  • The Horezu pottery, usually enameled inside, needs to be burnt twice Also, I can tell you that if you want perfect ceramic objects, you will not find them here. Here you will find imperfect plates and craftsmanship because they are manually created by potters. Their perfection stands just in imperfection.
  • Then, if you want, you can go to the main street of Horezu and buy other ceramic objects.
  • Visit Pietraru Ceramic House
Horezu, Romania
Horezu, Romania
Horezu, Romania