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Horezu: The amazing story of the village with ceramic traditions in Romania

Horezu, Romania
Embark on a mesmerizing journey to Horezu: Unveiling the treasures of Romania's enchanting destination, where exquisite ceramics meet the warm embrace of its wonderful people.

Tourist Information

TypeTown, Region
What to visitFortified houses Duca si Greceanu (1 km from Maldaresti)
Trovanti Museum (10 km from Costesti village)
Cheile Oltetului 
Cheile Bistritei
Monasteries: Arnota, Bistrita, Horezu, Polovragi, Wood Monastery
Polovragi Cave
Muierii Cave
Liliecilor Cave
Ursilor Cave
LocationHorezu, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania, Europe


Why is the village of Horezu famous?

Horezu is a charming village located in Vâlcea county in Romania, famous for its rich tradition in the field of ceramics and for its picturesque landscapes. It is located in the Căpățănii Mountains area, offering a combination of natural beauty and traditional culture.

  • Traditional Pottery: Horezu is recognized worldwide for its unique traditional pottery. Local artisans have preserved traditional pottery techniques and designs throughout the generations. You will find a variety of ceramic objects such as pots, plates, mugs and other creations elaborately decorated with geometric, floral patterns and traditional symbols. Horezu pottery usually glazed only on the inside, must be fired twice. Also, if you want perfect ceramic objects, you will not find them here, here you will find plates painted with mastery, imperfect, because they are created by hand by potters and the perfection of these ceramic objects lies precisely in the imperfection.
  • Horezu Monastery: Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Horezu Monastery is an outstanding example of Romanian religious architecture from the 17th century. The monastery church is famous for its brightly colored frescoes and impressive architectural details.
  • Museum of Ceramics: This museum is a journey through the history of ceramics in the area. You will have the opportunity to see historical exhibits, understand the process of making traditional ceramics, and enjoy a deeper perspective on the cultural heritage of the village.
  • Artisans’ Workshops: In Horezu, you can visit artisans’ workshops and see how ceramics are created with skill and passion. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the traditional techniques of shaping, decorating, and firing ceramics.
  • Nature and Landscapes: The village of Horezu is surrounded by special natural landscapes, with green hills, forests, and picturesque valleys. If you are fond of hiking, you can explore the surrounding areas to enjoy the natural beauty of the Capățănii Mountains.
  • Ceramics Fair: If you’re lucky enough to visit Horezu during a ceramics fair, you’ll have the opportunity to buy authentic, high-quality ceramics directly from the artisans.

The Olari village

The village of Olari is located near the village of Horezu, in the county of Vâlcea in Romania. This village is known for its traditional pottery traditions, offering a more traditional experience distinct from Horezu.

  • Pottery Workshops: Olari is famous for its traditional pottery workshops. Here, tourists can see skilled craftsmen in action, working to create beautiful clay objects. From functional vessels to works of decorative art, the workshops in Olari offer a direct insight into the creative process of traditional ceramics. Here you will find real potters who will welcome you with pleasure and invite you to their workshop. Looking for the perfect mug, plate, or bowl, you will step into the potters’ workshops and see the ovens where these creations are born.
  • Olari Ceramics Museum: Like Horezu, Olari has its own museum dedicated to traditional ceramics. Here you will find historical exhibits, traditional work tools, and detailed information about the evolution of ceramic craft in the area.
  • Traditional Architecture: In addition to conventional pottery, Olari village also offers a glimpse of traditional rural architecture. The houses in the area retain some of the authentic features of the places of yore.
  • Nature and Landscapes: Like Horezu, Olari is surrounded by impressive natural landscapes. If you love nature, you can explore the surroundings and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the Capățănii Mountains.
  • Pottery Experiences: Many workshops in Olari offer tourists the chance to participate in pottery sessions. This is a beautiful way to get directly involved in the traditional craft and create your own clay works of art.

Where to stay?

  • Maldăr’s mansion, Maldărești
  • Pension Dana, Horezu
  • The Old House, Măldărești
  • Smeilor House, Horezu

What legends does Horezu hide?

Horezu is a village with a rich history and full of traditions, and a number of local legends give it a special character and cultural uniqueness.

  • The Legend of the Potter in Love: One of the most famous legends in Horezu is that of the Potter in Love. Legend has it that a talented potter loved his people and pottery so much that the spirit of the land granted him his wish to create the most beautiful pottery. With each object he fashioned, he channeled his love for a woman he secretly loved. Thus, it is said that the beauty and passion for pottery in Horezu were influenced by this potter.
  • Legend of the Divine Pottery: According to this legend, the pottery of Horezu was learned from the gods of heaven and earth. The craftsmen of Horezu in ancient times learned to make pottery from the gods and their elaborate designs and vivid colors were inspired by the gods, and each ceramic object was a representation of a part of the divine world.
  • Legend of the Capățănii Mountains: The Capățănii Mountains that surround Horezu is the subject of many legends about nature spirits and hidden mountain dwellers. Certain stones and rock formations are said to have been created by mountain spirits to protect this sacred region and preserve harmony between the human and supernatural worlds.
  • Legend of the Lost Bell: Another legend says that in the village of Horezu, there is a huge bell, hidden in a secret cave. The bell, legend has it, was made from the village’s unique pottery and is believed to have magical powers. It is said that in times of need, the bell will ring by itself, bringing help and protection to the community.
Horezu, Romania
Horezu, Romania
Horezu, Romania

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