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What are some of the best travel destinations to visit in January?

Best Travel Destinations in January
Discover the world and start the new year off right by exploring some of the best travel destinations in January. Where will your wanderlust take you?

What are the best destinations to visit in Europe in January?

If you are looking for destinations in Europe with a warmer climate in January, you can consider the following countries.


The Algarve in southern Portugal has higher temperatures even in the European winter. You can explore beaches, historic towns, and beautiful landscapes.



In particular, the southern regions of Spain, such as the Costa del Sol, Malaga, and the Canary Islands, offer milder temperatures in January.



Greek islands such as Crete or Rhodes have higher temperatures than many other parts of Europe during this period.

Hersonissos Photo: Bert Christiaens, Pexels


Sicily and Sardinia are good options to avoid the cold of the European winter. Cities like Rome and Naples have milder temperatures compared to the more northern regions of Europe.



Cyprus offers a mild climate even in January, with temperatures suitable for exploring the beaches and historical sites.



Malta has higher temperatures compared to many other European destinations in January. You can discover the island’s rich history and beautiful beaches.



Southern regions of Turkey, such as Antalya, have moderate temperatures in January, allowing you to enjoy the Mediterranean landscapes and rich history.


Canary Islands (Spain)

The Canary Islands, which include Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Lanzarote, are known for their mild climate and are an excellent choice for a winter holiday.

Canary Islands

What are the best destinations to visit worldwide in January?

The best destinations in January depend on various factors such as weather, activities, and personal preferences. Here are some destinations and countries that are popular in January.


January is an excellent time to visit Thailand as it is the dry season in most of the country and the temperatures are pleasant. You can explore tropical beaches, temples, and vibrant culture.

Phi Phi Islands Thailand
Phi Phi Islands Thailand


Australia is in the middle of summer in January, which makes this an ideal time to visit cities like Sydney or Melbourne or to explore natural beauties like the Barossa Valley or the Great Barrier Reef.

Sydney Opera House, Australia

New Zealand

January is the middle of summer in New Zealand, offering excellent conditions for exploring spectacular scenery including the Southern Alps and magnificent beaches.

New Zealand
New Zealand

Costa Rica

January marks the beginning of the dry season in Costa Rica, providing ideal conditions for exploring national parks, beaches, and exceptional biodiversity.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Dubai is an attractive destination in January, when temperatures are cooler than in the summer months and you can explore urban attractions such as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

Dobai_ Photo: pexels-denys-gromov


January is the winter season in Japan, which means you can experience the beauty of snow-covered landscapes. Tokyo, Kyoto, and the Hokkaido region are popular destinations.

Winter in Japan

Maldives Islands

January brings excellent conditions to visit the Maldives, with sunshine and pleasant temperatures. It is the right time to enjoy the beach and underwater activities.

Maldives Veligandu Island

South Africa

January is the middle of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, offering favorable conditions for exploring national parks such as Kruger National Park and visiting cities such as Cape Town.

Cape Town South Africa
Cape Town South Africa


Coastal areas of Mexico, such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen, experience pleasant weather in January. It’s a good time for beach vacations and exploring cultural sites.

Cancun Mexico

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