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An incredible 6500-year-old treasure was discovered in Romania

Tarii Crisurilor Museum
Photo Source: Tarii Crisurilor Museum / Facebook
In the year 2022, archaeologists discovered in Romania, near the city of Oradea, a tomb belonging to a rich woman, buried 6500 years ago alongside a treasure, gold rings and beads, bone beads and a copper bracelet.

Archaeological research on the connecting road between Oradea and the A3 highway led to a remarkable discovery on-site VIII, where a tomb belonging to the Copper Age was discovered with a spectacular inventory:

  • 168 gold pieces (166 rings and 2 beads)
  • 800 beads made of bone
  • a multi-spiral copper bracelet

On the inventory discovered in this complex, chronological determinations will be made with the help of the 14C method, DNA analyses and anthropological research.

Tarii Crisurilor Museum
Photo Source: Tarii Crisurilor Museum / Facebook

The archaeological research started at the end of March (29.03.2022) and was completed on 25 June a.c. under the coordination of the archaeologist Dr. Călin Ghemiș (Museum of the Land of Crișurilor), in collaboration with Conf. univ. dr. hab. Molnar Kovács Zsolt (Faculty of History and Philosophy of Babeș – Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca), CP II Dr. Adrian Ursuțiu (ArchaeoUBB Center – Institute of Archeology and Art History, Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca branch) and Lect. university Dr. Florin Sfrengeu (University of Oradea).

Călin Ghemiș, the lead archaeologist on the project, described the finds as a “phenomenal discovery,” saying “such a treasure no longer exists in central and eastern Europe,” (Source: per artnet news)

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