Poiana Stampei Peat Bog (Mysterious Travel Destinations), Romania
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5 Mysterious Travel Destinations In Romania

May 27, 2021

Traveling to Romania can be an exciting adventure, with so many untouched landscapes, endless views, a rich history, and interesting places to visit. With so many untouched places in Romania, I’ve put together a list of the five most mysterious travel destinations you can find in Romania.

Poiana Stampei Peat Bog (Tinovul Mare)

Walk on a wooden bridge in a fairytale swamp forest in Poiana Stampei, Romania. The peat bog is a swamp, an area where the groundwater reaches the surface and a specific flora is formed, consisting largely of moss.

Poiana Stampei Peat Bog (Mysterious Travel Destinations), Romania

The Papyrus Tomb – a unique 2 300 years-old tomb

The Papyrus Tomb funerary complex in Mangalia, Romania is dating to the Hellenistic era (4th century BC). The remains of a Papyrus written in Greek were discovered over the right hand of the skeleton from the tomb.

The Papyrus Tomb, Mangalia, Romania

The church carved in stone, Alunis, Buzau | Athos of Romania

The Church carved in stone (Athos of Romania) from Alunis village, Buzau county, is more than 700 years old, is one of the mystical caves carved in stone. The cave churches and settlements of Buzau are surrounded by legends and myths and have become famous for paranormal and esoteric fans.

The church carved in stone, Buzau county, Alunis village

Meledic Lake – a perfect lake with a sealed bottom in Buzau

Legend has it that in the 1800s, a cart full of mineral water barrels crashed into the Meledic Lake. Rumors began to appear soon that a treasure was actually hidden in the barrels. So the locals and the authorities decided to take the water out of the lake to find the barrels. In vain they tried to dry the lake, they failed. Since then they have called it the Bottomless Lake.

Meledic Lake, Buzau, Romania

Turtudui peak – The Mystery of Buzau’s Ancient Pyramid

Legend says that the Turtudui peak is actually a megalithic pyramid made by giant people that lived here a long time ago. It is said that this 300-meters-tall pyramid in Romania is dating back 24 000 years and hides ancient treasures.

Turtudui Peak, Romania
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