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The 4th Gate of the Alba Carolina Citadel – Bishop’s Gate

The 4th gate, Alba Carolina, Romania
The 4th gate
The 4th Gate of the Alba Carolina Citadel is also called Bishop's Gate. The 4th Gate is the only ornate gate on the west side. The name is due to the fact that it is located next to the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Michael.

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TypeMonument, Gate
LocationAlba Iulia, Romania, Europe


The 4th Gate, the only ornate gate on the west side

The 4th Gate is located on the western part of the Alba Carolina Citadel. Provided with a single entrance, a big one, and a mobile bridge on the outside, it allowed access to the premises after passing the other two gates on the west side (V and VI).

The 4th Gate is the only ornate gate on the west side. The gate is adorned only on the inside, where it is distinguished by a semicircular entrance, flanked by two pilasters also provided with columns and atlases.

In the Austrian period, the Fourth Gate was the main access road where the supply of the fortress was made.

Gate IV of the Alba Carolina, Romania

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